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Lots going on here. I am a painter (and teach painting at an art

school in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts), am a spinner/

knitter/dyer and designer of wacko one-of-a-kind hats; a necklace

designer, and on top of all that, I am a psychic and a medium. It

sounds like a lot but it all seems to fit together.

The psychic/mediumship came in because of a near-death

experience when I was young. To call it a life changing experience

is a huge understatement. It more pulls you up by your roots. So

what I paint, knit and wire together are all heavily influenced by the

unseen world. I don't mean to get spooky. It is a joyous gift.

So, for this yarn, I twirl love into every skein. I place wishes

and dreams into my knitting. and watch what happens.

A word from the designer Linda Clayton:

These hats sold in our gallery in Lenox, Mass. and have come to rest around the world. They’re in Japan, Ireland, London, Canada and Mongolia, as well as all over the USA right now, as far as I know. I occasionally get pictures from the hat owners wearing the hats in different parts of the world. The hat with the halo “for people

who feel unappreciated”  was sold immediately and worn off to  Ireland.

  These hats have whimsey. Verve. They are for adults and babies who want to let

their colors fly.

   I make child sized hats and babies’ hats. And both for men and women.


One-of-a-kind Hats